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The ubiquitous use of social media platforms makes them a valuable tool for boosting audience engagement and creating a buzz around your brand. Connect with your audience and scale your business with the right social media marketing tactics.

Making the most out of social media campaigns requires a dedicated effort that speaks of your brand in a manner that fits perfectly like a jigsaw puzzle with what your customers are seeking. Being a full-stack SEO and digital marketing agency at heart, our social media strategists have marketing running down their nerves. Social consultants at ZED TECH know the significance of optimizing websites, building public relations, on-point SEO, online advertising, and specially tailored social media campaigns for opening a healthy, two-way conversation between you and your customers.

At ZED TECH, our strategists brainstorm to craft quality social media content that reflects your brand archetype well and attract and engage your targeted audience. With customized social media marketing services, we infuse your brand in people’s conversations and create a social buzz for affirmative brand image and thereby extracting business growth as the end result. We know how to connect you with the right audience and tie outcomes to your overarching business goals.

Connect with your Audience

Our social media marketing service spans to all the niche and infamous social sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and Google+. We are Google Adwords and Facebook Marketing certified partner.

Connect with your Audience

Social Media Marketing Services

The ZED TECH Process

Project Overview

Define the basic project outline which includes business goals, client information, and other relevant information significant for social media marketing.

Competitive Landscape Analysis

Knowing competitors across all the social media platforms and watching their activities for the social media optimization.

Social Media Audit

Create a social media audit based on the current performance using analytics data and active monitoring.

Identifying Potential Audience

Determining the size potential audience by using ad tools and finding it based on keywords, interest in products, and influencers.

Profile Strategy

Develop a social media strategy to optimize your profile impression as per user engagements and brand reflection.

Content Strategy

Create a content plan for your social media campaign that aligns with the targeted audience and company branding.

Ad Strategy

Make an advertising plan and decide the budget for various platforms. Analyze the right time and the right platform to pitch the particular audience. Also, define the objective of the particular campaign whether it is lead generation, user engagement or conversions.

Engagement Strategy

Create a plan on how to engage users within the client’s business genre and even outside it. Develop a strategy to reach out to influencers in order to boost the content exposure and leverage their network for spreading brand awareness.

Measurement Planning

Mark certain short and long-term goals while strategizing your social media marketing campaign and track if they are successfully accomplished.

Content Implementation

Develop and post engaging content across various platforms that best-fit the social media marketing practices.

Advertising Campaign Execution

Implement advertising campaign that promotes the brand and is aligned with the aim and budget of the social media strategy.

Community Engagement

Social media management will allow community engagement and building public relations with influencers and users.

Monthly Reporting

Monthly extensive report generation that includes analysis of the campaign based on the performance of various elements, KPIs, goal tracking, and planning necessary changes in the campaign as per the results.


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