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Online Reputation Management service is aimed at managing the negative perceptions prevalent about any brand or an individual on the internet. In today’s digital world, reviews, ratings, and negative allegations affect a lot on the business growth as they reflect negative impression of a brand and are likely to take away the potential customers.

It takes years of hardwork to build a brand name and goodwill in the market. But scam allegations and negativity does not take any long to destroy that reputation earned since years. Negative feedback and slander remarks can topple the online credibility of a brand resulting in negative search engine impression and loss of significant customers and sales. Reputation Management team at ZED TECH analyses what is buzzing around about your business on social media platforms, SERPs, and on other websites throughout the internet. After in-depth analysis, we tailor a strategy to cut the negative feed by promoting the positive feed using SEO and other tactics. Within a short span of time, our strategists dig-off the negative remarks deep down the internet and bring the brand back to business.

How is Online Reputation Management Different from SEO?

ORM (Online Reputation Management) is related to SEO but both are strategized differently as they have different goals. We can call ORM as reverse SEO as what we aim in ORM is to promote the positive or neutral image and dump negative feed. In the process of pushing negative feed down in the SERPs, we need to decrease the search engine rankings of the negative content by promoting positive content. We strategically can nullify the effect of negative feed by promoting positive content that justifies the allegations with wit and reality as the core ingredients. However, in SEO the ultimate goal is to promote the brand digitally and boost its presence.


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The ZED TECH Process

Extensive Research and Discovery

With the proper research, we discover the negative and positive mentions of the entity throughout the whole internet. We analyze the root cause of the negative feed and also consult the entity for better information.

Planning a Strategic SEO Campaign

We create a plan on the basis of our digital know-how on how to pull down the negative mentions so that it doesn’t appear on the top pages of the search engine when searched with the keywords targeted by the brand. We try to dig the negative results with reverse SEO strategy.

Content Strategy

We strategize a content plan on when and where we would use the positive content. Also, we decide on how much more content we would require for active participation on social media platforms and other relevant websites concerned with the entity.

Business Profile Creation

We build the presence of your business on various necessary portals and improvise your business profile on social media as well.

Online Reputation Monitoring

Active reputation monitoring to ensure that any negative feed coming your way does not dominate the positive impression the campaign is creating.

Ensuring the Optimization of Local Listing

Optimizing local listing to bring your business or brand on the top of the Google results when searched with targeted keyword.

Promoting the Existing Positive Content

We promote the existing positive mentions on the internet via social media and other platforms to make it create a positive impression for search engines so that it can consider that negative feed as spam.

Content Creation, Promotion, and Syndication

For exposure on social media and a positive look out of the brand, we develop the content decided while making the content strategy, promote it on various platforms, and encourage syndication to republish them on renowned sites.

Increased Exposure on Social Media Platforms

We actively start creating the feed for your community on social media. With quality and creative posts, we attempt to engage the audience and drive positive reviews.


We make an in-depth analysis of the progress of the campaign and send it to our clients and as well as use it to make necessary changes in the campaign.


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