Liquidity Solution

Liquidity Solution

Basically, liquidity refers to the numbers of buyers and sellers ready to trade at a particular period of time. Without affecting the fair price of the asset, it is an asset’s ability to get converted into cash. At times, when brokers are not willing to take huge risks on any trade, they would pass it on to the liquidity provider. The LP of liquidity provider behaves as the market maker in that situation. Now, to pass on the trade to the LP, a technological bridge is required.

ZED TECH LLC, being a technology consultant by heart, provides you end-to-end liquidity solutions. We provide a robust technology setup to establish the connection between the liquidity provider and the broker. It let you execute the trade directly on the liquidity provider’s server.


  • Get security for big trades
  • Lowers the risk of losing liquid assets
  • Financial freedom in terms of buying an asset
  • Get quick access to the liquid assets whenever you need
Liquidity Solution

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