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Everyday 3 billion searches occur on Google in order to seek answers for various queries. With people constantly looking out for answers on search engines, there will be a percentage of queries that your business would be able to solve. Through PPC management, you can get your business Ad displayed around the screens of people who are looking for services similar to what you offer. This way your business is likely to attract traffic that is genuine and hence you will be able to drive more conversions.


Drive Traffic Instantly and Increase Conversions

Once you setup your paid Ad campaign well, you will drive traffic to your website instantly. You pay on a per-click basis in your PPC campaign. But it is significant to ensure that you are paying for clicks that are potential prospects to convert them to customers.

Marketing consultants at ZED TECH are experts in driving quality traffic as they know how to tailor your campaign to target that specific audience who are looking out for you. We customize your campaign by understanding your business services and audience and target those specific keywords that would bring genuine traffic. Keeping creativity as the base, we design an Ad that is attractive and tempt users to click on it, especially when they are looking for some similar service.

Strong Partnerships

We are a Google Adwords Partner and Facebook Marketing Partner. Working with us will allow you to have access to these premiere memberships. Whether you are new to PPC or it is your hundredth campaign, we fluently know how to draw traffic with an on-point strategy.

  • Google Adwords Partner
  • Facebook Marketing Partner
  • 8 years of successful Adwords campaign management
Strong Partnerships

PPC Management services

PPC advertising campaigns allow you to plant your ad on the top position for relevant keywords on search engines and partner websites, applications, and videos. There are various PPC ad formats that allow you to reach your targeted audience. Our paid Ad services span to a suite of advertising formats to draw instant traffic.

Text Ads

Text ads appear within the Google search results above the organic results. Search ads are a small informative snippet which also contains a link to your website.

  • Ads with a snippet of information about your business
  • Appear on the top, above organic results
  • Link to your business website

Display Ads

Display ads can take the form of text, visual or video. They are displayed across Google’s Display Network which is having more than 2 million websites, apps, and videos where your advertisements can appear.

  • Text, image or video ads to attract your audience
  • Appear anywhere across Google’s Display Network as per the customization of campaign
  • Effective for creating brand awareness

Remarketing Ads

Have you ever noticed ads following across the internet you after you have visited their website? These are remarketing ads that appear in front of the recent visitors to remind them about their product/service they showed their interest. They are just reminders that follow your potential prospects to convert them into customers.

  • Appears after you visit any website or show interest in any particular service
  • Follows the prospects throughout the web

Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads appear above Google search results and display the product with image, price, and information of the seller site. This ad-type is mostly used by e-commerce businesses to promote their products.

  • Informative ads with product image, price and seller information
  • Appear on the top part of the Google search page
  • Boosts click-through rate


Project Overview

Define business goals and other relevant milestones as per the client’s requirement.

Paid Media Audit

Create a base plan for PPC campaign based on current stats, analytics, landing pages, and budget.

Keyword Research

Define target keywords for all your PPC campaigns and website pages based on the business goals recognized in the Project Overview section and identify opportunities to pitch them rightly.

Competitive Analysis

Define AdWords and other PPC campaign competitors based on the keyword research and determine the risk and opportunity areas.

Paid Media Strategy

Define all PPC advertising, display, remarketing, and social media ad campaigns as well as the budget, targeting options, ad copy, and landing page recommendations.

Measurement Planning

Mark long-term and short-term goals for evaluating campaign performance after its implementation.

Content Implementation

Implement changes to the website by including integrated content that reflects the target keywords known during keyword research step.

Technical Implementation

Adjust the website’s coding based on the strategy and implement changes to landing page such as its meta-description, internal linking, or anything that would support the objective of the campaign.

Immediate Adjustments

Based on the campaign performance change ads, bids, and landing pages. Keep optimizing them as per the result recommendations.

Campaign Adjustments

Keep an eye on trends. Implement global changes to the campaign based on the latest trends if required.

Monthly Report

Comprehensive tracking of the campaign based on the defined business goals and necessary changes as per the analysis reports.


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